Certificates of completion are available for all Teacher Campus courses at no additional cost. Ashland University graduate credit is available for all Teacher Campus courses for an additional fee. This services is available through WOSU Classroom, a Teacher Campus partner.

1 Accumulate 12.5 Contact Hours

Accumulate 12.5 completion hours for each semester hour of grad credit through any combination of classes  (face-to-face, self-paced or synchronous)  within one year. Keep track of your classes on the attendance log. See the directions at the bottom of the page if you need help making a copy of the spreadsheet.

2 Complete the Assignment

Choose one of the following assignments to submit with your attendance log:

  1. Share a student or teacher product that you created in one of your courses. Provide a 1-2 paragraph reflection on the skills learned in the course and how it has impacted your teaching and learning experience.
  2. As you reflect on your learning during this professional development experience, identify and explain two practices or concepts that resonated with you. In a two-page, single spaced, typed paper (1,000 words), describe how you will implement the practices or concepts in your district, school or classroom.
  3. Create a presentation  to share with colleagues. The presentation should focus on 1-2 topics covered in the Teacher Campus courses you complete.  Include your presentation and a one page, single spaced, typed paper (500 words) describing the type of presentation, intended audience, and description and use of other resources included in the presentation.

3 Register with Ashland University

Complete the Ashland online registration form and RETURN IT TO ASHLAND along with payment. Any applications or payments sent to WOSU Classroom will be returned. Every 12.5 contact hours equals one semester hour of graduate credit for $205.  All course work must be completed by 8/20/24 to receive credit for the following course numbers.  New course numbers will be provided each September.

  • Course Number 6160 G4  = 1 credit hour (course work must be completed by 8/20/2024)
  • Course Number 6160 H4 = 2 credit hour (course work must be completed by 8/20/2024)
  • Course Number 6160 J4 = 3 credit hour (course work must be completed by 8/20/2024)

4 Submit Your Work to WOSU Classroom

Complete the assignment submission form once you have completed all course work.  You will receive a confirmation email within five business days confirming that your grades have been posted to Ashland.

5 Don't Miss the Deadline

You must register with Ashland and submit your work (attendance log and field study) within two years of taking the first course.