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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Quizzes in Google Forms

  • 2

    Create, Share and Collect Data

    • Create and Set-up a Form as a Quiz

    • Create a Response Spreadsheet for Your Quiz

    • Assigning Quizzes, Accessing Responses, and Adjusting & Importing Grades Using Google Classroom

    • Check for Understanding

  • 3

    Question Types

    • Short Answer Questions in a Forms Quiz

    • Multiple Choice Grid & Checkbox Grid Questions in Quizzes

    • Checkbox Questions in Forms Quizzes

    • Integrating Images Into Questions & Options

    • Check for Understanding

  • 4

    Requiring, Duplicating, Importing, & Adding Descriptions to Questions

    • Adding Questions + Making Required and Adding an Answer Key

    • Making Questions Required by Default

    • Duplicating Questions

    • Import Questions from Existing Forms Into a New Form

    • Adding a Description to a Question in Google Forms

    • Check for Understanding

  • 5

    Additional Quiz Features

    • Response Validation in Google Forms

    • Answer Feedback

    • Page Logic in Google Forms

    • Check for Understanding

  • 6

    Final Assignment

    • Final Assignment