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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • About the Course

  • 2

    Google Slides Refresh: The Basics

    • Reacquaint Yourself with Google Slides

    • Creating a NEW Google Slides Presentation

    • Choosing a Theme in Google Slides

    • Changing Background, Layouts, and Adding Slides

    • Move, Duplicate, and Hide Slides

    • Commenting _ Sharing in Slides

    • Speaker Notes _ Presentations Tools in Google Slides

    • Tools in Slides

    • Publish Slides to the Web

    • Check for Understanding

  • 3

    Google Slides Refresh: Customize Your Slides

    • Make your Slides stand out with customization!

    • Using a Theme From Slides Carnival

    • Importing a Slides Theme from an Existing Presentation

    • Editing the Slide Master in Google Slides

    • Transitions & Animations in Google Slides

    • Print Settings & Preview in Slides

    • Check for Understanding

  • 4

    Google Slides Refresh: Adding Content

    • Add Content and Engage Your Audience

    • Inserting Images, Text Boxes, Shapes, Word Art, and Lines & Connectors in Google Slides

    • Align, Arrange, & Group Objects in Google Slides

    • Adding Audio & Video to Your Slides

    • Slides Review: Adding Content

    • Check for Understanding

  • 5

    Interactive Worksheet

    • Let's get started creating interactive content with Google Slides!

    • Creating an Interactive Worksheet from a PDF (Mac)

    • Creating an Interactive Worksheet from a PDF (PC)

    • Learn by Doing

    • Check for Understanding

  • 6

    Interactive Assignments

    • Create engaging, interactive assignments with Google Slides!

    • Simple Graphic Organizers in Google Slides

    • Drag and Drop Activity in Google Slides

    • Creating a Labeling Activity in Google Slides

    • "Cloning" Items in Google Slides

    • Learn by Doing: Interactive Assignment Checklist

    • Check for Understanding

  • 7

    Creating Interactive Assignments & Activities - Final Project Submissions

    • Final Project Submissions