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Course curriculum

    1. About the Course

    1. Reacquaint Yourself with Google Slides

    2. Creating a NEW Google Slides Presentation

    3. Choosing a Theme in Google Slides

    4. Changing Background, Layouts, and Adding Slides

    5. Move, Duplicate, and Hide Slides

    6. Commenting _ Sharing in Slides

    7. Speaker Notes _ Presentations Tools in Google Slides

    8. Tools in Slides

    9. Publish Slides to the Web

    10. Check for Understanding

    1. Make your Slides stand out with customization!

    2. Using a Theme From Slides Carnival

    3. Importing a Slides Theme from an Existing Presentation

    4. Editing the Slide Master in Google Slides

    5. Transitions & Animations in Google Slides

    6. Print Settings & Preview in Slides

    7. Check for Understanding

    1. Add Content and Engage Your Audience

    2. Inserting Images, Text Boxes, Shapes, Word Art, and Lines & Connectors in Google Slides

    3. Align, Arrange, & Group Objects in Google Slides

    4. Adding Audio & Video to Your Slides

    5. Slides Review: Adding Content

    6. Check for Understanding

    1. Let's get started creating interactive content with Google Slides!

    2. Creating an Interactive Worksheet from a PDF (Mac)

    3. Creating an Interactive Worksheet from a PDF (PC)

    4. Learn by Doing

    5. Check for Understanding

    1. Create engaging, interactive assignments with Google Slides!

    2. Simple Graphic Organizers in Google Slides

    3. Drag and Drop Activity in Google Slides

    4. Creating a Labeling Activity in Google Slides

    5. "Cloning" Items in Google Slides

    6. Learn by Doing: Interactive Assignment Checklist

    7. Check for Understanding

About this course

  • $45.00
  • 37 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content